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[TowerTalk] GM Hazer for Rohn 25

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Subject: [TowerTalk] GM Hazer for Rohn 25
From: (The Tolberts)
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 17:11:27 -0500
I have 50' of Rohn 25 with a Hazer. Its house bracketed with a bracket on
the first and second section. Currently have a 10' mast with a C3E on top
with no problems whatsoever. In the past I had a 20' mast with a A3 on top
and a 2 el 40 just above the tower. This was a little iffy in high winds but
in high wind condx I would lower to the 24' level. This has served me well
since 1993. The only trouble I had was when I moved I lost the pulley that
goes on top. The style I used for a replacement was different and it caused
the cable to fray as the cable would slip off the pulley and ride on the
bolt instead. I replaced the original cable with one size heavier and bought
the heavy duty pulley. This, combined with the roller bearings, really makes
for an easy up/down ride.

73 Jamie WW3S

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Subject: [TowerTalk] GM Hazer for Rohn 25

> I am a new subscriber to this reflector and am not sure if this question
is out of place or not since it doesn't pertain to owls, ropes or lawyers.
I don't find a search function within the Tower talk archives and have spent
a little time in the archives trying to "research" the answer. Problem is, I
want to read everything posted and at the rate I am going, I may never find
any information.  So I now ask if anyone has used or is using a Glenn Martin
Hazer system for a Rohn 25 tower.  Since the "comfort zone" on a my 50 ft.
tower is only about 35 feet, I am interested in a possible alternative.  I
currently have a TA-33 on top and am considering putting a C-4SXL on top
using the Hazer and extending the mast (15-20 feet) where I can get adequate
distance above the top of my tower with the Hazer at tower-top so I can
mount the TA-33 below and phase the 2 antennas.  I am not wanting to add
section(s) to my tower.  I wonder how long of a mast will the Hazer
accomodate and if an!
> yo!
> ne can shed light on this scenar
> io?
> Thanks,
> Hal, KC8FS
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