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[TowerTalk] Heathkit PS-4 Power Supply

To: <>
Subject: [TowerTalk] Heathkit PS-4 Power Supply
From: (Ted Leaf)
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2001 00:41:26 -1000
Hi Guys,

My ham friend Mike is in need of a Heathkit PS-4 Power Supply Manual for his 
college class.

Hope you can help.  Please reply directly to him.

73, Aloha
Ted Leaf, K6HI
Kona, Hawaii

This is what he sent me:

Folks can contact me, N3JW <> ,c/o Haney Technical Center, 3016 
HW 77, Panama City, FL 32405; 850-747-500. The manual will be used by Al 
Johnson, K8AJ.
The PS-4 is a Heathkit Power Supply.
Mike Adams, N3JW

> > Guys -
> > Looking for the op manual for a Heathkit PS-4 power supply. We don't
>have one in the files at school; do any of you have a line on or a  source 
>for one?
> > Thank you.
> > Mike A.

>> > We have the Heath manuals for the PS-23, HP-23, HWA-7, etc., but none 
>>for the PS-4. >

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