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[TowerTalk] Single Base for 45g and 25g?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Single Base for 45g and 25g?
From: (Billy Cox)
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2001 13:34:46 -0600

Listen to what Glenn is saying ... don't put up the 25G !

If I could do only one thing over here, I would have waited a
year or two and NOT used 25G for the towers here. We
have lived here for about 16-17 years, and the SAVINGS
over having delayed the construction of the towers to use
45G RATHER THAN 25G would have been one of the
better financial decisions I could have ever made. <SIGH>

The antennas I want to use TODAY are too big for the
towers I put up "yesterday" ... My anchors are at the
right points, but the TIC rotors will not work, and so on
and so on ... if NOW I were to move up to 45G.

TODAY is the "cheapest point in history" for you to go ahead
decide NOW to go with 45G over 25G ... 45G or larger !

Awhile back I ran those models for your Force 12 stack
there, and I know they work well ... and fits FB on your
present 25G rooftop setup there at your remote site.

But WHEN (not IF) you decide to pick up the next dB
or two ... 25G is not big enough to SAFELY (key word)
hold the "next generation" larger antennas there.

Bracket your 30' of your 25g to the new house, put up one
of the F12 antennas so you can operate ...  and save
the bucks for 6 months to ??? longer and go with 45G
(or 55G!)

73 Billy AA4NU (who still wished he'd waited and used 45G!)

> >Not sure if I'm going to go with 45g or 25g.
> >The concrete base and guy anchors will be designed for the largest tower
> >I plan on putting up.
> Richard,
> It sounds like you can afford the more expensive tower, 45G, because you
> don't say you can't.  If true, there is no reason in the world why you
> would want to put up 25G instead, given a fair choice.
> We never want "less" antennas as time passes; usually we like to expand,
> anything.  But even if you want just a tribander, the extra safety factor
> of the fat tower is worth it.  If you have been up both towers while
> someone in the shack turned the beam, you will know what I mean.
> Also, several large rotators won't fit 25G very well (or at all).  Again,
> it's smart to keep your options open.
> If your wife doesn't care which tower you choose... go for the bigger one.
> And put torque bars on it.
> Good luck!
> --Glenn K6NA

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