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[TowerTalk] Guy wire anchoring question

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Guy wire anchoring question
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Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2001 18:45:25 EDT
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> I've been doing my research with the "prime directive"
>  in mind, but, would like to know the collective's
>  opinion's/pro's/con's/concerns about guys tied to an
>  extended pipe or I beam which raises them above ground
>  level. Is it, or could it be, as efficient and SAFE as
>  what's suggested in the Rohn book? 

    Of course they can be SAFE - you just have to engineer them properly. 
I-beam (eye-beam) is the material to use as it is stronger than a similar 
sized pipe. 

    A proper elevated guy anchor is very robust - perhaps using 6-8" I-beam 
for a 4-5-foot elevated guy. Remember if you've got a 4-foot guy, it'll exert 
4 times the bending moment on the anchor base than one 1-foot high so don't 
screw around. 

    Since there's no manufacturer's specs on something like this, you need to 
have someone run the calcs and help you design one for your application. An 
engineer, or even better - a PE, is the person you're looking for. 

Cheers,   Steve   K7LXC
Tower Tech 

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