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Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2001 08:12:29 +0200
 Well, ofcourse UHF is perfectly fine. N is also perfectly fine.
 I guess UHF will take more power but for HF unless you do
 run a 4 by 5 at full blast N will be ok, N will take several KW´s
 on HF bands year in and year out. If one runs "serious" EME
 power on 144 MHz N is not a good idea but then again I know
 people runing 2 - 3 KW´s using N connectors with no problems.
 Also the loss or impedance deal is no issue at least below
 400 MHz. I once years ago did measure UHF N and other
 connectors and nothing of any bigger significanse happens
 untill you move above 400 MHz so for 144 and below dont
 worry to much.
 Finaly on the installation bit. Like anything else it has to be 
 done right. I dont think its any harder installing N´s then UHF´s.
 However I dont solder any more, always use crimp connectors.
 73, Jim SM2EKM


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