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Subject: [TowerTalk] Connectors
From: (Zoran Brlecic)
Date: Mon, 02 Apr 2001 23:45:07 -0700
Gian Luca Cazzola wrote:

> Mr. Zoltan

Zoltan is a Hungarian name. Mine is spelled Zoran.

> Brlecic should be a funny chap with a funny balcanic (serbian
> style?) humor.

Subjective feeling. I am not Serbian. And what if I were? Are you trying to
insult the entire Serbian nation here?

> His words remember me some ethnic racism well (sic)  known in
> the balcanic area.

Right. A harmless joke is of the same magnitude as genocide. Get real.

> As an Italian cw-op that work contests with 100w out, unassisted with a
> tribander and some wires, I really dislike this poor sense of humor.

That is your problem. I dislike your lack of sense of humor, but you don't see
me getting all worked up about it.

> Mr. Zoran, I think your affirmation denote  simple mind and bad manners.
> Really a lid.

A lid is a ham radio jargon that pertains to poor on-air operation. This is

> If you are sure that somebody work a contest out of the rules - and I am
> sure that also in US, Balcanian area, Russia, South America  etc. etc. this
> strange kind of people exists - demonstrate it and ask for disqualification.

Oh, I am sure alright. It's kinda difficult to demonstrate. And I don't just
mean Italy.

> Otherwise shut-up!


> NB Zoltan


> , please remove from your message the last words. We, democracy
> born hams, dont like to kill anybody.

Look up oxymoron and humor in a dictionary. We, non-democracy born hams like to
fool around with speech that is harmless and protected by the Constitution. And
then there's more:

>I am sorry for my hungried reply, please understand that it is difficult to
>read an attack to all italian amateurs without reactions.

??? Are you for real?

>I am not an ethnic racist, I only dont permit ethnic attack (attaked
>american, italian, german or other people) without a firm reaction.

Political correctness gone haywire. A joke about "Italian 6 kW QRP" all of a
sudden is an ethnic attack.

>In Europe we had too much similar little minded situations, also in this
>last years, from little things to big horrors in the Balcans.

Stop insulting all the victims of genocide by comparing your hurt teenage-like
vanity to their deaths. You're being ridiculous.

>So I repeat to Zoran to shut up when his prejudice attack all a people.

Jeese, I wonder what would have happened had I told you the one about the Pope,
two prostitutes and a nun.

Anyway, I'm QRT on this one. Back to towers. Note to self: do not tell Italian
jokes, do not tell Italian jokes...

73 ........ Zoran WA7AA

Support freedom of speech, or I'll kill you!

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