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[TowerTalk] Good deed

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Good deed
From: (Jeff Maass)
Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2001 15:03:13 -0400
This one has all the earmarks of a hoax. Can anyone confirm that
such a teacher, class & project exists?

If it's not currently in the "hoax" category, it will soon be. Once
these "Send a copy to everyone you know" type messages start, 
they circulate until all the current 4th graders are drawing retirement 

Witness Craig Shergold, a boy who has been "dying" since
1989, and receiving QSL cards, post cards, and email since then. 

Or the pleas to help find Kelsey Brook Jones, a 5-year-old 
who was 'misplaced' by her mother for a couple of hours 
in 1999 while playing at a friend's house a few doors away.

Once these things start, they never end.

If there is such a teacher Ann Vaughn at St. Patrick's Catholic
School in Kingman Kansas, then she should have her hands whacked
with a ruler for starting yet another hard-to-kill hoax-to-be!

General rule: if an email says "Forward this letter to as many 
people as possible!" (or similar), then it should be deleted 
immediately and forgotten. 

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> Subject: [TowerTalk] Good deed
> While you guys are hollering around the world, say hello to the 4th grade
> class at St. Patrick Catholic School
>  in Kingman, Kansas. We might gather a few new hams in a few years. 
> Tnx, 73, 
> Press,  N8UG
> "We are in Mrs. Ann Vaughn's 4th grade class at St. Patrick Catholic
> School
> in Kingman, Kansas. Kingman is about 38 miles west of Wichita.  In Social
>  Studies, we are studying state regions and decided to map an e-mail
>  project.
>  We will plot the states the e-mails come from as they arrive. It will
> also
>  help us with graphing in Math. We are very curious to see where in the
>  world our e-mail will travel by internet throughout the rest of the
> school year.
>  We need your help. We ask you to do two things:
>  1. E-mail us and tell us your location so that we can plot it on our
> world
>  map. Please include your city/town, state/province, and country.
>  2.Forward this letter to as many people as possible! Even if they live
> in
>  the same town as you.
> Thank you for any help that you can give.
>  Our e-mail address
>  We hope to hear from you soon.Thank you."

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