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[TowerTalk] o/p pwr measurements in 4X1

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Subject: [TowerTalk] o/p pwr measurements in 4X1
From: (Lane Zeitler)
Date: Tue, 03 Apr 2001 20:38:24 -0700
A friend of mine has a HB 4X1. The supply runs 4800 at idle and under load 
drops down to 4200. On 160 to 20 he gets 1500 out with full drive from his 
TS-850, or about 110 watts. This is a GG design. Power starts to taper off 
on 17 meters, where he gets around 1400. 15 is down to around 1300 and 12 
and 10 are around 1250 to 1200 or so. This amp has the glass window that 
lets you see the tube and let me tell you, when the rim is dimly lit it 
looks fantastic when you peer through that glass window and see that tube.

There have been a lot of 4X1s on ebay lately, unfortunately, most of them 
are sold "unchecked" from dealers so it is a gamble.

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