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Subject: [TowerTalk] Connectors
From: (Mark Brown)
Date: Wed, 04 Apr 2001 00:54:03 -0500
I hate to comment but I will, N's are used extensivly at 2
meters and up with power levels exceeding 2000 watts, if
your antenna is working (no swr) then you won't have a
problem. I will trust a properly assembled n before a so
called uhf connector at 2 meters and up (and yes I have fed
1500 watts thru n's at 432 mhz with NO problems).

"Guy Olinger, K2AV" wrote:
> I hope readers understand in my prior post that I'm not real happy with
> 16 amps or 800 volts (rms) on an N connector. In my mind I'm considering
> how legal 60 Hz connectors look for those kinds of numbers. So I'm
> already headed for the exits *before* W8JI adds his list of objections.
> Perhaps I need to add [sarcasm intended] to some of my posts.
> I say using an N at 1.5 kW is "tight" only because some have gotten away
> with it, including some PVRC around here.
> It's like overloading Rohn 25. Just because it doesn't fall down in the
> first five minutes doesn't mean it may not. Nor should someone else's
> getting away with it for 25 years convince you that it's not down in the
> first big storm at *your* place.
> I become less enamoured of tower climbing with advancing age. Breakdowns
> induce climbing and have this nasty way of happening during maximum use
> and worst weather(at night on a stormy contest weekend). Sometimes we
> feed Murphy so much in advance that he doesn't even work up a sweat to
> get us.
> Thanks, Tom, for the description of the mod. Think I will spend the bux
> for a regular UHF for the hardline tower end, and place the modified
> ones at the sheltered or ground terminal ends.  Where, in case my
> craftsmanship is not the best, I can repair it on the ground.
> And if the commercial one blows up on the tower, hey, even Alpha's get
> smoked now and then.
> I *have* roasted a few N's myself.
> 73, y'all
> -----------------
> Guy Olinger, K2AV
> Apex, NC, USA
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