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[TowerTalk] Petrezewski (sp?) array ..

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Petrezewski (sp?) array ..
From: (W0UN--Signal Hill Ranch)
Date: Wed, 04 Apr 2001 03:53:20 -0600
At 03:28 AM 2001-04-04, you wrote:
>.. of 5 sloping dipoles on 40M in ARRL Antenna H'bk:  Is this design a 
>good one?

Dave, when the design first came out I built a version
for 20M to test it out.  It was no monobander (nor even
a decent tribander) but it did work pretty well, showing some
reasonable front to back, and the instant direction switching
was nice.

Just make sure that you isolate the grounds so you
have no spurious resonances due to common shields
that will detune the "reflectors" to somewhere that
limits their usefulness.  Just means that you need
double-pole relays to switch both the center and shield
for each dipole.

John  W0UN

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