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Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2001 10:11:53 +0200
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> Why is it that people persist in the MYTH that an N connector is
> weatherproof?

It's not a mith, by construction it is.
A properly installed N (right type for specific cable) N it's really a 
weatherproof connector and with some 5" of self amalgamating tape in 
outdoor application it's surely lasting much longer than the used coax.
N it's weatherproof on the cable side as well as on the contact parts.
The pressed cable and the contacts type also avoid the moisture 
migration through the internal of the cable. Even in case of 
contaminated cable infact (when you find the copper black removing 
jacket), inside an N connector the cable is not.
Thousand of FM broadcast up to 0.8 KW, or even larger when the power is 
splitted among collinear dipoles, use succesfully N connectors on the 
antennas and have no reliability problem.
Mauri I4JMY
> Guy
> Apex, NC, USA

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