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Subject: [TowerTalk] Cell towers and Ham Radio
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Date: Fri, 06 Apr 2001 05:12:34 -0600
At 12:00 AM 2001-04-06, you wrote:

>I'm forwarding this message to the reflector for any possible comments,
>referrals, insights, for our sister radio club at NASA Glenn in Ohio.
>Either comment directly back to me (preferably on this subject only:
> or to Nancy, please.
>Thanks and 73,
>dale, kg5u


After reading the fine print on one cell contract I wouldn't
let any of them get near my ham towers and especially not
replace them.  The contract basically said they became the
primary interest and if the ham stuff caused any interference
it had to stop immediately.  Typical commercial towers have
a "last on" policy that says whoever is last on the tower has
to solve any problems they create whether it be RX or TX.

I'll bet if the ham club actually READS the fine print they
won't want to have anything to do with the cell site--assuming
it was anything like the contract I saw with my towers.  Once
they replace YOUR tower with THEIR tower you become a guest
and lose all control.

Of course I have interests other than HF and was concerned
about legal limit power at 432 and 150 watts at 1296/2304.

My only suggestion is to get a copy of the actual contract
and then read it.  If you can live with what it says then it
is worth considering.

John  W0UN

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