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[TowerTalk] Cell towers and Ham Radio

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Cell towers and Ham Radio
From: (Steve Maki)
Date: Fri, 06 Apr 2001 16:09:46 -0400
"Richard L. King" <> wrote:

>In the last two months we have been approached by two different cell 
>companies (one was Sprint) about putting a cell tower on our 50 acres. One 
>of the companies was talking about a 350 footer (guyed) and the other a 250 
>footer (self-supporting). I probably have room here to add their towers 
>without too much interference to the ham towers and antennas.
>The extra income from the cell companies looked nice, but then I read the 
>contracts closely.
>I have to agree with John and Tom that it just isn't worth it. The cell 
>companies want too much control and it isn't worth the hassle to try and 
>negotiate a better contract with them. I am keeping my fingers crossed that 
>our next door neighbors don't go for the deal. I would hate to try and beam 
>through one of those things when working Europe.

OTOH, if YOU own the tower, you can retain much greater control.

Here in Michigan, rental rates are high enough that a brand new
commercial tower - say 300' of Rohn 80 professionally installed 
- will pay for itself within ONE year, assuming four cell/pcs

Food for thought.

Steve K8LX

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