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[TowerTalk] Pouring concrete

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Pouring concrete
From: (Ted & Joyce Wilhelm)
Date: Sun, 08 Apr 2001 22:05:41 -0500
Hi Brad,
Just a couple thoughts on your concrete problems....Have you considered
laying down several sheets of 3/4 inch plywood under the tires of the
mixer as he backs up to even the load on your lawn....Just need several
and keep moving them....Or how about renting a smalL front end loader to
move it with, had this done in an oversiaze garage I just had built...or
rent a mixer and mix on the spot.....I recently had the base for my
tower poured after moving to a new QTH and I just let them drive on the
grass....yes it did rut it some but we had been having rain for several
days before and more was on the way plus the hole kept filling with
water so I was at a point of no return....supprisingly  the ruts really
weren't that bad and I filled them up with some of the left over dirt
and threw some seed on....hopefully you could do this in some dry
time...sure is a lot easier moving some dirt around with your lawn
tractor and cart than trying to move cement...dirt is light compared to
concrete...A 5 gallon bucket of concrete gets pretty darn heavy to lift
and any amount worth carrying in that little cart wouldn't be worth the
effort in my opoion...Don't know if you are aware of weight of fresh
concrete but you are looking at about 3900 lbs. per cubic yard......yep
the stuff sure is heavy...Any way there's some of my thoughts on the
subject take em for what they are worth...good luck and best of 73's
Ted   K9HUH

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