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[TowerTalk] Beverage antenna question

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Beverage antenna question
From: (Rick Bullon)
Date: Mon, 09 Apr 2001 05:06:10 -0000
Hello All
I am sorry it took so long to get back on here to thank all who sent replies 
to my question. I just had oral surgery ( had all my rotten teeth pulled and 
replaced with dentures) so I haven't been in the mood really to even turn 
the computer on.
Even though I only received 5 replies they all had good info in them. I want 
to especially thank Tom  N4KG,Brian K3KO,and Bill N3RR ( Bill has a great 
website with lots of info).It seems the consensuses was to run 2 wire 
bi-directional beverages and to consult ON4UN's Book for more detail info.
So I think I will run 3 2 wire bi-directional  beverages running EW NW SE 
and NE SW. This raises other questions.
The EW beverage is easy the other 2 I had to go out in the back of the 
property and plot out. They will come together ( will not really to together 
  but almost) near the center of the EW beverage at the other ends the SE NW 
antenna will cross over a fence about 3 1/2 ft high. The SW NE antenna will 
cross over a livestock pen at its NW end. I am not worried about the 
livestock ( goats) in this pen getting to the wires I can get them up enough 
so they can't get to them ( 10') but what I was wondering is the fences 
under the beverages going to effect them in an adverse way?
The other questions I have are can I run the feed lines back along the poles 
holding up the wires up to the back of the property where they all meet and 
switch them from there?
Can I run the feed lines from each end of the EW antenna back to the center 
and feed it from there.
Will I have to build a switching system or is there a commercial unit that 
will let me switch in the six directions from a remote feed point?
Thanks all I always learn a lot from this list!!!

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