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Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2001 09:44:19 EDT
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> I'm not a concrete guy, but I figure 27 cubic feet of concrete per yard.
>  A 3x3x4 hole is 36 cubic feet.
>  6 holes = 216 cubic feet or 8 yards of concrete.
>  How do you get by with a 1/2 yard of concrete per hole?
>  This has been of great interest to me as I'm ready to pour 1 3x3x4 hole 
>  some Rohn 25.  I have a hand mixer lined up, but after reading these posts 
>  believe I'll forget it and get a concrete truck and a load of dirt to fix 
> the yard.

    What does your Rohn book say? (Available from  <A 
HREF=""></A> )

    The Rohn specs only call for enough concrete to capture the end of the 
anchor rod - the rest is back-filled with dirt. What you're proposing is to 
fill the hole plus have some additional above grade which is not necessary. 

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