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Subject: [TowerTalk] Re: [AMPS] Re:230 /115 volts QUIZ.
From: Eric Moore" < (Eric Moore)
Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2001 09:58:04 -0400
Hello Bob,

You have a 240 Volt Grounded Delta Service, also called a "Wild Leg", or "B
Phase High Leg". It is a good compromise for a service, but it is difficult
for a generator to feed this type of system because of the imbalance
between phases. There is usually more single-phase power required than
three-phase power, so the high leg is usually lightly loaded and thus
provides the unbalance. If you don't have any requirements for a generator,
it is a good system as long as you are careful not to connect single-phase
loads to the "high leg".

You can pull 120V single phase power off of the A leg to Neutral and the C
leg Neutral. The B Leg or wild leg should be approximately 210V line to

You will need to skip every third space for single-phase loads in you
circuit breaker panel, unless you have an old panel designed for this type
of service. It is rare to have this "special" panel, I have only seen one
once, as they were expensive, so most people elected to just use a standard
panel and skip every third space.
If you have any more questions please feel free to ask.

Eric Moore
Windemuller Electric, inc.

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Subject: Re: [AMPS] Re:230 /115 volts QUIZ.

> Who knows about a "high leg" on a three phase system?
> Have this at my shop.
> Three phase (4 wire plus ground).
> One of three phase is marked "high leg".
> Between the other two phases and neutral, I see 120VAC.
> Anyone know what I should be seeing between the "high leg" phase and the
> other wires?
> -bob
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