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[TowerTalk] D40 and a TH7

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Subject: [TowerTalk] D40 and a TH7
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Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2001 13:18:35 EDT
Hello to all.....
            Here is my situation...I presently have a TH7
tribander up at about 53 ft on my tower.
The tower is a 48ft self support with the mast extending about 10ft out of
the top ie. the beam is half way
up the mast. I recently purchased a used cushcraft D40 rotatable dipole and
I want to hear from the
multitudes their opinions whether it makes a big difference whether I mount
it 5 ft above the beam,
or 5 ft below it (at the top of the tower). The amount of work required to
get it to the top of the mast
at 58 ft is going to be alot more than just mounting it below the beam at 48
ft. Also, will there be any
degrading effect to either antenna by mounting it below the beam?? I realize
alot of people will
say "higher is better" but will 10 ft make a big difference?? Just for info
sake, the mast is 20ft total
length. I have a tailtwister rotor and two bearings in the tower. Please
reply to the reflector and thank you
in advance for your insites.


Ted Boerkamp VE3SS

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