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Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2001 13:29:31 EDT
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<< OTOH if you're pouring something bigger than anchors, i.e. self-support 
 tower base, you DO want to go to the rental yard and get a concrete 
 This'll move the concrete around in the hole easily and is *really* worth 
 forty bucks or so it costs to rent. 

I agree here.  Makes the surface look really good (no air pockets) when you 
un-form any exposed above grade surfaces.  Just be sure to leave the vibrator 
in an area only a few seconds or the stone in the mix will settle to the the mix will seperate.  I could probably send a few pics of a 
vibrator in action and of the finished product to anybody that would care to 

Dwayne  -  KG4ADM

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