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[TowerTalk] Vatican to cut broadcasts over ecological fight

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Vatican to cut broadcasts over ecological fight
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Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001 11:20:56 EDT
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> An interesting observation, but also consider this. Last year I
>  attended the Dayton Hamvention with a fellow who had never been to
>  Dayton before. This fellow is a local who has been in the hobby
>  only a few years. He is a professional therapist and has a
>  Doctorate in Human Behavior. About three hours into the flea
>  market on the first day he looked at me and stated; "This is the
>  largest gathering of grossly obese people I have ever imagined
>  could exist all in the same place!" Sounds funny, but it made me
>  think! Maybe RF exposure has done that to them? I don't think so!
>  Maybe frequency of cancer incidences, heart disease, diabetes, and
>  other illnesses has something to do with the eating habits and
>  lack of exercise and general well being of many in this hobby we
>  that all love so dearly......That could be it!  Look around. Maybe
>  we all need to improve our lifestyles and nutrition a bit! In many
>  cases, quite a bit! 73, -=Rog-K9RB=-

How true!
It is sitting at the computer, radio and wrong nutrition.
I have been in that league myself, my blood pressure went up, cholesterol 
skyrocketed, "my" doctor kept me on medication, vegetarian diet for 10 years, 
I was only getting worse. One day I was driving a car and all of a sudden 
things went quiet, very weird. I couldn't hear engine noise or anything. I 
noticed that I don't feel my usual strong heart beat, grabbed wrist and under 
the neck, no pulse. Looks like my heart stopped, probably will faint and join 
SK ranks. It flashed through my mind how they revive people on TV with 
electric shock. I figured need to shock the heart, maybe something stuck in 
there? Hit myself in the chest few times and heart went boom and started 
beating again. Thanked God and next day, when friend, who kept telling me 
about Dr. Atkins, said that Dr. is giving a talk in NYC, there I went, 
listened to him, made sense, bought his book "New diet revolution," read it, 
next day had to start cooking myself, XYL refused to do that, she didn't want 
to "kill" me with all that greasy food. I started to eat eggs, bacon, butter, 
sour cream, meat, vegetables, took vitamins he recommended. Screw the 
    In 6 weeks I lost 30 lbs, in 2 moths my system cleared out, blood 
pressure dropped to normal, got off medication -- back to life and ham radio 
and contesting. 
I recommend getting Dr. Atkins book, the best 4 bucks spent in my life and it 
has honorable space on my book shelf next to the bible. 
You can check his web site

As far as RF goes, it has therapeutic effects, it is used to cure cancer. 
All this crap about greasy food, RF "dangers," networks brainwashing and 
global warming is good to gain control over sheeple with well behaved closed 
Looks what's happening, they are going after radio stations already, you are 
It doesn't matter if it is not true, they will make it "truth"!
Good luck!

73 and wake up!

Yuri, K3BU

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