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FW: [TowerTalk] Hams and prostrate cancer

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Subject: FW: [TowerTalk] Hams and prostrate cancer
From: (Gary J. Ferdinand W2CS)
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2001 10:51:56 -0400
Hi Don,

Since I'm the one who first used the "P" word, let me be one of several who
say "thank you" for the informative posting.  While as you say it's far
afield from tower info, IMHO it is not unwelcome.

I was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer at age 49.  At the rate at
which I got "annual" physicals (about every 5+ yrs) that one doc who kindly
suggested the PSA test probably saved my life.  Since then I have been
fortunate to know many fine men with the disease and sadly some who have
died of it - in their 40s and 50s!!

So I'll add my strong opinion to one aspect of your posting.  You correctly
state that the "American Urological Association and the American College of
Surgeons recommend that men aged
50 and above should have an annual prostate checkup which includes a digital
rectal exam and a blood test called the prostate specific antigen (PSA)."
However, there are many prostate cancer survivors out there who would
suggest men NOT WAIT until that magic age 50, etc.  I am one of them.   I
think when the dust settles on the topic, a PSA test will end up being like
a woman's pap smear - done routinely, periodically, and beginning at a young

Get your PSA blood test done at your NEXT physical - whenever that might
be - regardless of age.  We're talking the price of less than half an
element of a large tribander here :) if your insurance doesn't cover it
(mine did).  If the PSA is normal, recheck it every 2 yrs until you're 50
and every year after that.  If it's not normal, start doing your homework on
the internet or email me for details on where to get information.

Prostate cancer quite likely has the best set of non-invasive diagnostic
tests of any of the cancers.  While slow growing in most, there are some who
get it at a young age (30s and 40s) in a very fast growing, aggressive form.
It's a shame most men do not avail themselves of at least a PSA test as part
of EVERY physical exam, even in their 30s!

But, y'all will probably be too busy to do that - just like I was...

Vy 73,

Gary W2CS
Prostate cancer survivor 6 yrs and counting...
Apex, NC

Don, W4ZYT said:
Prostate cancer is pretty far afield from the tower topics.  Hey, I
didn't bring it up, but before the disinformation being bantered about
got too far out of hand, I thought I would inject some factual
information about it.  No doubt many of us are literally sitting on top
of a potential cancer death when we sit down to the key or microphone,
but this has less to do with ham radio than with the demographics of the
hobby in 2001.  However, if you meet the criteria for being at risk
prostate cancer and you haven't bothered to get checked, you're missing
the boat.  You may never get to work P5 when it finally comes up, and it
will be your own fault.

Best health and good DX.
                Vy 73,   Don W4ZYT

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