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[TowerTalk] Suggestions on 120 self supporting tower

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Suggestions on 120 self supporting tower
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Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2001 11:13:31 EDT
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> I am looking for suggestions on who builds a good 120 self supporting tower,
>  other than Rohn that is. If you have any ideas please e-mail me directly at
> .

    Well, there are lots of manufacturers but if you're trying to get a tower 
for less, you'll only be semi-successful since all the towers will be 
designed similarly and use approximately the same amount of steel so the 
prices will be pretty similar. 

    Virtually all towers of this magnitude will be engineered by the 
manufacturer to the 
TIA-222 standards and designed to your specs. Smaller towers like the Trylon 
Titan are off-the-shelf towers and it's up to the buyer to make all the 
determinations for the application. In general once you get over 100', towers 
get more complicated and expensive.

    And as always, what's your county windspeed rating and proposed antenna 

Cheers,    Steve   K7LXC
Tower Tech 

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