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Subject: [TowerTalk] Tri-Ex towers
From: (Dan)
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2001 17:46:52 -0700
Dave, You have to remember that is a feeding ground. Just think how many
new suckers he can con out of deposits that they are not aware of his
business dealings. I would hope, hold your breath that he has some true
real people from Will Burt there that you can have a eyeball QSO with
and BRING IT OUT SO IT IS HEARD. If I was going I would stand there and
every time some one walked up I would start talking about my and other
peoples refund, As long as you have FIRM ground and facts to back it up.
If you are right he cannot do anything legally against you.

I talked to him once on the phone and will never do any business with
him, he has a hard time stating the facts. I need a limit sw. for my
Skyneedle, but will go to Graybar instead of dealing with him.

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