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[TowerTalk] prostate biopsy, help put up my tower

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Subject: [TowerTalk] prostate biopsy, help put up my tower
From: (David Jordan)
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2001 08:31:35 -0400

...ditto with Frank's comments.  However, there is one area where the
AMA is full of hot air.

If you are in your mid-late 70s and cancer of the prostate is detected
or suspected and your doctor promotes the idea of WATCH AND WAIT.

Go find another doctor.

The watch and wait scenario is really the doctor saying that
satistically you will probably die within the next 5-7 years from
something else like a heart attack or stroke, etc.  However, if you have
a sharp mind, are engaged in life-family and healthy in every other
respect don't give up your life for the good of the statistics.

My dad was as healthy as one can get at age 77. SO, much so that his
cancer which was detected in his 78th year and didn't kill him for ten
years.  His doctor put him on the watch and wait plan. Unfortunately, at
the end of his 88th year the cancer spread to his bones.  The bone
cancer killed him in two months. It was the most horrible two months you
can imagine. You get massive radiation as a feeble attempt to control
the pain from the bone cancer. The radiation on top of both cancers ends
up killing you through dehydration and constipation from the pain
killers.  Unfortunately, my dads mind was in tact till the last few
days...while his body systems (kidneys, liver, lungs and heart) failed
one at a time!

If you are otherwise healthy DEMAND AGGRESSIVE TREATMENT, even if you
are in your late 70s.  Even if you only outlive the statistics by a few
months or years.  It's your right!  Don't let the doctor determine when
it's your time to die!

Peace in your mind, love in heart and good health,

p.s. also if you are dying from cancer or think you will find out about
Hospice services.  You can't stay in a hospital when you are dying from
prostate cancer...they'll send you home. You'll need home hospice care.
A good hospice care group can make a very important difference for you
and your family at the very end.  Check it out ahead of time!

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