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Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2001 10:13:27 EDT

Read the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for any paint, thinner, or other 
chemical you are going to use and BELIEVE IT!

I've learned this lesson the hard way and hope that this may spare anyone the 
same fate.

I know how hard it is to read the directions FIRST.
But for your own (and your family's) sake DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There are some bad news paints out there.

I suffered every possible side effect of Tulene (Xylene) on the MSDS list 
except the last one. Previously the stuff made me light headed and maybe a 
bit dizzy.
It only takes one time too many. I now know that the first time can be one 
time too many!
The Toxicologists that I've been seen assure me that my next exposure to 
these chemicals will most likely be my last.
A whiff of even some fingernail polishes or even marking pens now knock me 
out === with horrible after effects.
Be aware of the possible effects of any chemical that you might expose 
yourself to and please take appropriate steps to limit that exposure!
73 - Don K4BEV

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