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[TowerTalk] High AC Voltage Update

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Subject: [TowerTalk] High AC Voltage Update
From: (Jimmy Floyd)
Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2001 11:21:08 -0500
Several have asked for more info, so here it is. I used the following test
equipment :  Fluke 12 Digital multimeter, Fluke 36 Clamp meter and a  Fluke
model 32 to make the measurements. All had comparable readings.
I just checked the voltage at the feed to my box , reading was 254 volts AC,
and a reading of 125.9 volts AC at the outlets in the house. I checked the
voltage after I came in from work last night at midnight and had readings of
256 volts AC at my main feed and 127.8 to 128 volts AC at the outlets.
The measurement across the 240 volt feed is within 1 volt when compared to
the neutral.
The tower is grounded on all three legs with an 8 ft ground rod  approx. 2
ft under the top of soil. Each leg has # 4 bare copper solid to the ground
rod. These grounds are connected back to the Service ground . The equipment
ground is the same except the length of #4 bare copper is approx. 8 feet in
The readings on the grounds occur whether the equipment is connected or not
and regardless of whether the meter is pulled (by the power company ) or
not, with no electrical feed to my house.
The local power company said they had changed some capacitance at the
substation on Tuesday which should have dropped my voltage.Thursday their
test meter read 123 volts across the transformer on the pole BUT read 254
volts across the meter base(on their side) and 126 volts to one of my
outside plugs.
Thanks for the comments
 Jimmy Floyd

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