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[TowerTalk] Opinions please--re: 40-2CD compared to XM-240

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Opinions please--re: 40-2CD compared to XM-240
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Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2001 23:16:26 -0600
You need to read the W6QHS (now W6NL)
article in QST on refurbishing the 402CD.

Keep in mind, he lives on a mountain top and took
it to extremes.  

I settled for double walling the first piece of each element,
(which raises the wind survivability from 70+ to 90+ mph),
putting a 6 inch piece of hardwood dowel in each end of
the boom and another piece at the boom to mast support
to prevent crushing of the boom when tightening the U bolts.
It has survived several storms with high winds, estimated 
from 70 to 90 mph.

QHS also recommended removing the self tapping screws
in the loading coils and replacing them with Stainless Steel
screws with nuts and lock washers.  I did not do this but
I know several people have reported problems with the original

K7LXC recommends tuning the elements somewhere between
the CW and MID settings for slightly better bandwidth / performance
on SSB.

To my mind, it is a GOOD  VALUE antenna, definitely better than
dipoles at the same height but not as good as the full size 3L monsters.

The XM-240 uses a 2.5 inch diameter boom which is clearly supperior
as well as improved construction / hardware.  For someone who does
not already have a 402CD, the XM-240 is worth the extra cost IMO.

For those who already have a 402CD, W9RE sells an upgrade kit.
Contact W9RE for the details / price.

73 / GL,  Tom  N4KG

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