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[TowerTalk] Pinning Masts

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Pinning Masts
From: (Lee Buller)
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2001 23:14:34 -0500

I know that we've discussed this before on the reflector, but review is 
always a good idea. is a pet peeve of mine...

I do not like pinning of a mast no matter what the material is.  Either the 
holes will elongate or the bolts will fail in time.  That has been my 
experience.  I do not like to spend time on the tower, but I like to spend 
time in front of the radio.  So, I am not a fan of drilling any holes in 
any mast.  It is just asking for trouble.

If you just have to couple masts together, spend the money and machine a 
coupler with very precise holes in the coupler and the mast.  There should 
be ZERO slop in the holes.  The bolts should be tough to get in. And, they 
should be shoulder bolts as well.  Any slop in the holes...and with any 
wind (I live in Kansas where wind is always blowing) you will have 
elongated holes and the bolts will fail (in any material, just takes longer 
the harder the material is).    I've done this before with mixed 
results.  I would rather go with some sort of compression joint, but never 
figured out a good mechanism to do that yet.

Just my two cents.  Never pin a mast....

Lee - K0WA

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