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Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2001 11:16:32 EDT
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> Last year a local ham put up a stacked array on a water pipe mast.
>  During a winter storm, it bent about 20 degrees just above the snorkel
>  on the Rohn 25. He seems to think he can attach a line and bend the
>  mast back into line so it will drop through the top section. I don't
>  think this stands a chance of working and have advised him to spend
>  the bucks and hire a crane. What is the collective wisdom on how to
>  handle this situation without getting someone killed or injured.

    It's unfortunate that the guy didn't submit a claim to his insurance 
because it would have been covered but he's probably missed the 30-day window 
for submitting a claim. Then he could've had professionals come out and take 
care of it (they would've used a crane). The insurance company *expects* you 
to use professionals. 

    In any case, I would recommend taking the whole array off the tower with 
a crane or boomtruck and then re-installing everything including a proper 

Cheers,   Steve    K7LXC
Tower Tech 

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