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Subject: [TowerTalk] what do I do? Opinions Please
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Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 09:28:48 EDT
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<< option 1.  is a heavy duty E-Z Way 54' crank up Tilt over .. It is still
 in the ground I will have to remove it  ( get the 600 + lb wonder pole
 out of the ground ) transport it 10 miles dig another 7'x4' hole and re
 install it here. >>
I don't understand....maybe it's the heavy duty "wonder pole"....
My own experience with two EZ-Way towers (one 54-foot and one 60-foot)
was to dig the hole with a post hole digger. In both cases, I made the holes
about two feet in diameter. The 54-foot one was easy enough for two people to 
people to manually lift and drop the wonder pole into the ground. I had to do
the 60-foot one alone and accomplished that by first making the round hole
with a post hole digger, then I dug a diagonal trench, slid the wonder pole
down to the hole, erected the pole and backfilled it. It worked great!
As for digging it out, I found the reverse process the best method. Dig a
diagonal trench all the way to the bottom of the wonder pole, being careful
not to damage the "vanes" at the bottom of the wonder pole, then tilting it
to the diagonal trench (lined with plywood strips to make sliding easier)
and hoisting it out with a come-along. 
For a small beam, you couldn't beat an EZ-Way. 
73, and be careful
Bert, N4CW

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