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[TowerTalk] WTB: Mosley TA-33 trap core forms

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Subject: [TowerTalk] WTB: Mosley TA-33 trap core forms
From: (krishna)
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2001 16:12:02 -0400

I bought my first beam used and iam refurbishing it.
I had already spend 50% of the cost of a new beam :(.
Its a Mosley TA-33-D.

 My TA-33-D has 2  plastic coil forms that have been split due to aging.

 The coil still seems to be intact.
  Looks like Mosley no longer sells the plastic trap forms nor the wire
to rebuild
 the trap :(
They recommend purchasing the set of 6 traps.
 The traps are sold as 6 units, with each being a pair.
 It goes for about $200+ for the 6.

 I know that there are folks out there who had replaced all their coils
and might have
 some good forms lying around. I plan to rewind and use it for a while
 before getting new traps.
 Please contact me if you wish to sell either the forms or the coils.
 I need to replace/rewind the following coils.
 Director = 14 Turn,
 Reflector = 25 Turn

 Please email me.


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