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Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2001 22:28:04 EDT
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<< I highly recommend Davis RF Buryflex.  It is 213 and is direct burial.
 There are two rules of thumb:  one:  one foot which is the depth that a
 shovel can accidentally cut through it; and two:  18 inches kind of puts it
 out of range except those who are really determined to put a shovel thru it.
 If you use 2 inch PVC electrical pipe, it is pretty tough stuff to cut thru
 with a shovel.  A trick of the trade is that you go and purchase a trenching
 shovel of the type used to install sprinkling polypipe systems.  Under no
 circumstances use polypipe, as a shovel will go right thru it.  Also
 remember the electrical rule of thumb:  no more than two 90's without a pull
 box.  or you are going to need a pulling machine.  If I can be of any
 further help, drop me a line.  Gene K2QWD.
Gene: Sounds good to me.  I started using 6" open wire line in the 30's and 
burying it was never a problem.  It was supported on 10' 4x4's and stand offs 
every 30' or so.  I still have some of that wire in use.  It's "very 
economical" to use (pennies per year), it's "making a big come back" and I 
see it advertised now.  Maybe I'll buy some stock.  When hams finally realize 
how useful it is, it could really take off--the signal and the wire. True 
ladder line is not affected by rain or snow.  Ice will change the loading and 
I've melted it off in the high current sections feeding Lo-Z's.  Would you 
believe I had an "Ice Standing or Hanging Wave"--ISHW.  You could bang the 
ice with a stick and not hurt the wire.  When 600 ohm line was terminated in 
600 ohms--the ice stayed.   k7gco

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