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[TowerTalk] Buried coax or not

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Buried coax or not
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Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2001 07:25:39 EDT
Coax under ground has many enemies from all the comments I've read on TT.  
Cable TV runs their coax on messenger cables mostly out of necessity.  That's 
equivalent to going up the tower and to the beam.  Has anyone any data on the 
damage of even cheap coax in the elements in time if not abused?  I've got 
some old coax that hasn't leaked water and it still checks good for VP and 
low loss. Therefore I'd have to assume that all the problems discussed here 
can be avoided by running coax on Messenger Cables to the tower and learn to 
live with it.

I still have one length of the original open wire line I made in the 30's 
that has seen more sun and rain than most hams have and has carried many KW's 
of RF than probably any ham feedline in existence.  It's very low loss 
characteristics haven't changed--in over 60 years.  Open wire line is 
advertised in the mags and making a big comeback.  Get a Johnson Match Box, 
"learn how to use it" and all these "major problems" plaguing the Hams and 
filling Reflectors--will just go away.  The open wire line will out live you 
and be the last one you buy for each application.  

The Johnson insulator spreaders from the 30's show up at flea markets from 
time to time.  I used Delrin but I'm going try the plastic used in plastic 
hangers for a very low cost.  Wooden dowels boiled in wax is one of the worst 
of all.  At 600W on 20M I could hear crackling.  K7GCO

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