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Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2001 16:58:56 EDT
  The answer  we all seek is not a simple one......the only way that a pipe 
or conduit will NOT "sweat" and manufacture its "own" moisture is to be 
buried below the level in your area that remains constant  ( temperature 
wise) year round regardless of season and temperature. Even then, you have 
the problem on each end where the pipe comes up to the surface for the coax 
to exit....It is at these 2 points  the varying temperature will cause 
sweating and moisture will form and collect regardless.  A continuous flow of 
air through the pipe would presumably keep the  moisture out or at least to a 
minimum....but how to do that simply and economically is yet another problem. 
   It may help to coat the coax with a film of vaseline when installed to 
help seal the micropores of the coax (assuming the vaseline doesnt "wick" 
into the coax and contaminate....and I am reasonably  sure its inert for what 
thats worth) and the added plus of the lubricating the coax to help it as its 
pulled into the conduit. The main thing here is clear....if you went to the 
trouble of putting your coax into conduit or pipe and burying it, you did it 
mainly to get it out  of your way for aesthetics and convenience. The  job of 
replacing coax will not be nearly as hard when replacement time comes around, 
as you already have the conduit buried  and grass has grown over.
   Someone else mentioned another important thing.....go twice the size you 
think you need.....In my humble opinion, thats the 
minimum......Remember....the harder you have worked and the more you have 
prepared....the more Murphy will be around at some time. The larger your 
conduit is...the easier it will be to add new coax,  or replace existing coax 
 as the need arises.
   73   Bob  '4t

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