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Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2001 21:05:38 EDT
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 I am wondering about other ideas for house entry of hardline (1/2"),
 rotor cables and control lines. Here are my present thoughts.
 I need to come through a wall at grade level. I am thinking about an
 18x18x8 Hoffman box (3R for rain protection). This box would on the
 exterior and would be fastened to the studs (16" centers). To the rear
 interior of the box, I am thinking about attaching an 1/8 inch sheet of
 copper. I would then punch holes in the copper and the galvanized box
 steel for Polyphaser stuff. I would connect a rod ground system
 (Cadweld'ed) with #2 solid copper line to the sheet of copper.
 Inside the house, I would cut the plaster board away at the dimensions
 of the box and place molding around the studs, etc. to make a neat
 Out the bottom of the box I would punch for two four inch conduits. The
 conduits (steel) would have a gradual bend to horizontal below grade. 
 Am I on track?
 Gerry, W6TER
GERRY:  Yes. Then fill your box with insulation.  I have just used a length 
of 4" plastic pipe for a coax entry hole and then fill it with insulation.  I 
run open wire line through a 3/8" hole in a wooden wall and floor with a 
surrounding insulator used on house wiring in the old days.  I even use 
insulated open wire line now. K7GCO

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