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Subject: [TowerTalk] Tilting Boom Design
From: (Steve Maki)
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 01:53:21 -0400
"Mike Wetzel" <> wrote:

>Can anyone point me to a picture or diagram that has a mast to boom mount
>that will allow the boom to tilt over so that the elements on the ends of
>the boom are accessible from lower on the tower?  I plan to have a 48' boom
>close to the top of the tower that I'd like to tilt and be able to reach an
>element on each end of the boom.  The tower is R55 with a stock flat bearing
>top plate, mast is 3" o.d.

A heavy duty tilt mount can be made from two pieces of steel
channel, four bolts & nuts, & two u-bolts.

Exact dimensions depend on antenna and boom size of course.

The channel should have deep non tapered flanges to allow
fairly close fit. If you don't have a close fit the gap
can be taken up with washers.

IMO the bottom channel is best welded to the mast, but if
this isn't possible, an additional vertical piece welded
to the bottom of the lower channel would facilitate 
attachment to the mast with u-bolts.

I scribbled out a crude drawing and posted it as
tilt_mount.pdf at:

Steve K8LX

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