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Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 15:31:54 EDT
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> I realize there is potential for a leakage path to ground through the wood,
>  but the intent is for most of the strike energy to go to ground at the
>  tower end, with the disconnect/grounding panel only taking care of the
>  leftovers.

    Actually the goal is to have the building entry plate be THE focal point 
(and single point) of your Single Point Ground System. The "leftovers" are 
basically the same charges that appear at the tower end. While you may have 
provided a path to ground for the charges on the tower itself and cable outer 
shields, you don't have any center-conductor protection until you get to the 
transient protectors at the building entry copper bus panel.  And if you 
think *all* tower and cable shield charges are shunted at the tower and don't 
pass further towards the building, you might not appreciate the whole 
destructive and unpredictable lightning phenomena.

Cheers,    Steve     K7LXC
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