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From: (W0UN--Signal Hill Ranch)
Date: Fri, 01 Jun 2001 07:57:13 -0600
Thanks for all of the helpful comments.  I have found that
others with direct experience in my specific application can
be complementary to web searching.  I discovered that some
of the pieces have some info on their paper covers and
by piecing together the partial info from a number of the
pieces I was able to determine that the Lexan is GE MR10
and has a GUARANTEE of not discoloring from UV for
a period of 10 years.  Sounds pretty good.  I was also
able to find some cleaning info and recommended
cleaning agents, including isopropyl alcohol.  Not sure why
one respondent had problems with alcohol--maybe the sheet
wasn't really Lexan or maybe this GE MR10 is somehow
better or different.

So it does look like I can use this stuff for my antenna
projects and they should last for at least 10 years!  Probably
more, and there is no telling how long I will last after my
recent aortic valve replacement!   ;-)      (But things are
looking good--I am back to riding motorcycles and that
will surely do me in long before any heart problems will!)

To those who commented on my wife and my luck at
finding a "Keeper".  You don't know half of the story!
She has a turbo diesel 4x4 F-250 to pull her new
28 ft travel trailer.  She had FIVE motorcycles when I met
her (3 BMWs and 2 dirt bikes).  She has dropped down to
only 4 now--but has upgraded the BMWs.  She is studying
for her ham ticket and she designed the sheet metal
for the Alpha 99 amp!  AND SHE CAN COOK TOO!    ;-)
Oh, did I mention that she has a SHOPSMITH with a LOT
of accessories?  (Photo available upon request--wife, not the

--John  W0UN

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