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[TowerTalk] Breaking up guy wires for nonresonance

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Breaking up guy wires for nonresonance
From: (Jerry W5KP)
Date: Sun, 03 Jun 2001 12:46:57 -0500
Latest in my series of questions, which you guys have been extremely helpful
in answering:

Is there any reason to go to the trouble of putting a "stub" of guy wire at
the top with an insulator on it, and then proceeding to break up the
remainder of the guy, or is that a waste of insulators, preforms, and time?
I seem to recall if one end of the guy is grounded (attached to the tower)
then you can go down the full 14' or 27' or whatever breakup distance you've
chosen before you put in the first insulator. Would be interested in hearing
sage advice/experiences on this subject. Also, and as an alternative, it
seems a shame to break up a perfectly good antenna (the guy wires). Wonder
if there's a way to utilize the guys as a built-in 75M inverted V without
ruining the tribander's pattern, or the future 40M beam pattern? My C3XLD
will be up at about 86' (about 12'-13' above the top of the 45G, which will
be 74' at the flat top), with plans to later add a 2el 40 just above the
thrust bearing. Any trick antennas using the guy wires would end up VERY
close to the 40M beam.

Jerry W5KP

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