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[TowerTalk] Utah PE Wanted

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Utah PE Wanted
From: (Bill Ralston - N7VM)
Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2001 13:20:59 -0600
I know this is a long shot... but if any of you are a registered PE in
Utah... I'd like to hire you.

I am planning to put up a tower installation near Salt Lake City , but
intend to deviate sufficiently from the Rohn standards that I will most
likely need a PE stamp on my permit drawings.  Particulars:

100 ft Rohn 55, two levels of guys
Phllystran or other non-conducting guys
40-2CD on mast at top at 105'
C31XR on ring rotor at 95'
C31XR on ring rotor at 50'
Soil is anywhere from 2 to 4' of rocky loam on top of solid rock (may not be
able to go 4' deep without major excavation expense)
Terrain is not quite level (+/- 5 feet from tower base to guy points)
70 MPH county wind rating... but local conditions that I believe suggest
conservatism may be warranted (i.e. 50-60 MPH gusts every year of the last
Considering elevated guy anchors to protect deer / reduce vandalism threat

Of course, comments and critique on the proposed installation are welcome,
but mainly I'm looking for the PE help in getting a permit. (I'm prepared to
pay - I'm not looking for a freebee).  Any leads would be appreciated.

(And yes, I've checked the ARRL Web Site under Volunteer Consulting
Engineers - nil under Utah).



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