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Subject: [TowerTalk] Masts
From: (J. Kincade)
Date: Fri, 08 Jun 2001 07:08:24 -0500
Another subject for the 45G neophyte here. Local sources not panning out
well on SAE 1026, SAE 1027, or 4130 chromoly, and even if I can get it, they
apparently come in only "random" sizes between 17' and 24'. Therefore, I'm
thinking of the Texas Towers version instead, already galvanized. Problem
is, although TT says these masts are about 87,000 lb test (yield?), the
longer versions only come in thinner walls, namely:

23' .120 wall
21' .180 wall
17' .250 wall

The question: 74' of 45G with C3XLD (9.1 sq ft) at the top, later adding a
short forty (probably EF-240X (4.1 sq ft) at the thrust bearing. Can I use
the 23-footer, or do I have to go shorter to get the thicker wall? And if I
have to go shorter, am I screwed for vertical separation of the antennas?
I'm in an 80 mph zone, I believe, but we recently had some 90+ gusts that
took down a lot of trees around here, although my little 35' 25G and no-name
tribander shook it off no problem. It's happened twice in the last 5 years
here. The 45G is being guyed for Rohn 90 mph specs (using Phillystran +
EHS), plus a little overkill.

Thanks, guys.
Jerry W5KP   Mustang, Oklahoma

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