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Subject: [TowerTalk] Fwd: [dx-list] Hot Weather Antenna Kit
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Date: Sat, 9 Jun 2001 09:40:33 -0600
I am forwarding this interesting idea from 
one of the DX reflectors.  Be careful though,
I understand that wet T shirts don't offer any
uV protection.  Tom  N4KG

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 Date:  6/8/01 11:10:58 PM Canada Central Standard Time
 From: (Ted C Davis)
         We live in the Northern part of the Sacramento Valley in
 California. July and August temperatures routinely get up to triple
 numbers with 106,108 even 112 or 116 fairly common. We put on long
 shirts when it gets all the way down to 101. For some strange reason
 seems to be the time when the local dxers choose to do their most
 extensive antenna work.
         We have devised a manually operated cooling scheme for work on
 the really hot days. The REALLY hot days are when the little local
 lizards turn over on their backs and blow on their feet. Just a few
 essentials are needed. A bucket of cold water or a nearby hose. DON"T
 the water out of the hose until it has run for awhile. Wow it can be hot
 as anything! Now an old T shirt and a large sponge the larger the
 And lastly an old baseball cap. Sounds simple right?
          Oh I almost forgot. Also wear a pair of shorts and don't leave
 anything subject to water damage in the pockets. Like your credit cards
 for example. Ok you ready for this?
         First take the T shirt and soak it in cold water. Then put it
 This isn't easy. It's COLD and that wet
 material really clings! Now take the sponge and thoroughly soak it in
 cold water. Get it as saturated as possible. Have the baseball cap in
 hand. Put the sponge on top of your head. YOU HEARD ME!
 Place the baseball cap on your head. Be careful and get things all lined
         Now your cooling unit is in place. The water in the T shirt will
 evaporate giving a pronounced
 cooling effect to your upper torso. When your head gets too hot just
 reach your hand up to the top of your cap and push down. A word of
 warning here. Too big a push can result in a very large release of water
 which escapes the confines of the cap getting glasses, face, ears and
 other parts wet. Not good when at the fifty foot level on the tower.
 my teachers always said "practice, practice".
         There you have it. An inexpensive, efficient cooling kit
 assembled from readily available parts.
 73 and Keep Cool,
 Ted W6BJH         

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