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Subject: [TowerTalk] Antenna surface area
From: (Jimmy Weierich)
Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2001 10:23:12 -0400
Brian/K3KO wrote:

>1) Geese would not fly in V formations and the lead goose would not
>swap with others in the flock. (Why a V not one behind another?  Is
>that a lower energy use configuration or is it a simple matter of them
>being to be able to better see the goose in front of them?)

Studies have shown that this is, indeed, a lower energy use 
configuration! But it's not a question of reduced drag, as in the 
bicycle racer situation, but something else entirely.

Each goose flies in the "tip vortex" produced by the preceding goose. 
You may have noticed in movies of aircraft that sometimes a vortex, 
or spiral, of air is visible (due to moisture condensation) rising 
off the tip of the aircraft's wing. This same phenomena occurs off 
the tip of bird's wings. Each goose in the vee flies in this rising 
vortex of air from the goose in front of it to gain a little "lift" 
and thus reduce the effort needed to fly. They fly only to the 
outside, not the inside of the vee to avoid flying in the "dirty," or 
turbulent, air directly behind another goose.

You can look it up,

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