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[TowerTalk] Inquiry - Tower Loading on Rohn 45 or 55

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Inquiry - Tower Loading on Rohn 45 or 55
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Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 11:55:55 EDT
I am interested in erecting a Rohn 45 or 55 tower in the 100' - 140' height.  
I would like to install my large 10 meter Telrex, 10 element on it, plus a 
couple of other smaller antennas above it.

The Telrex has a wind loading of about 12.5 square feet (44' boom).  The Rohn 
specs call for no more than 12.7 square feet and 15.1 for 90 mph for the Rohn 
45 and 55 series, respectively at the 120 foot level.  Thus, it would appear 
that this Telrex would provide for not much margin of safety in a 90 mph wind 
and might be too much for the tower in higher winds.  Also, anything smaller, 
vhf antennas stacked above the Telrex might cause it to be overloaded for 90 
mph winds.

Question - I see, from time to time, many DX stations with several large 
antennas distributed up their towers which appear to overload them.  I 
realize that the limit on the Rohn tower is for a load of that magnitude at 
the apex, not over the entire tower.  How can I determine what additional 
antennas I might install on this type of tower either at the apex or stack 
them with some sort of "ring" system lower than the apex?

I welcome all knowledgeable thoughts on this.

Thank you,
Hank Smith


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