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[TowerTalk] Vertical top-loading questions

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Vertical top-loading questions
From: (Fred Hopengarten)
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001 15:32:16 -0400
You have expressed your options as:

1. More tower sections, and
2. Inverted L wires at the top.

Here are more options:

3. Instead of 20 feet of aluminum above the tower, try 11 feet of tubing
made of descending sizes, and top it off with a 9 foot stainless steel
mobile whip (thin -- so as not to be capturing a lot of wind, and very

4. Instead of inverted L's, a top hat made of three or four wires, each
of which would be shorter than the inverted L wire.

5. A combination: A three wire top hat and a 9 foot stainless steel
mobile whip. In fact, that's how W1CF and W1FC designed and built their
verticals, which stood up very well in New England (we have winter here

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