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Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2001 10:50:47 EDT
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 > Yes, I am ABSOLUTELY sure.  Like I said, I set up a demonstration to prove 
 > showed it at a Willamette Valley DX Club meeting with the help of W7RR and
 > convinced each and everyone present that it works exactly as described.
Stan and all,

Boy, talk about living with misconception for most of a lifetime!  Stan is 
absolutely correct!  After reading his description of the experiment and 
thinking about it, I was pretty sure, but then a quick call of a good friend 
who runs a big structural engineering company here in town (everyone who puts 
up a big tower with more antennas on it then thought practical should have 
one of these), confirmed the thought.  Guess what, though!  His quick, 
innitial reaction was "the load weight", but  after thinking for a few 
seconds corrected himself!  So, we shouldn't feel too bad!

His simple explanation is that just becuase you are changing the direction of 
the pull, the load doesn't get any lighter, and, you are, after all, pulling 
with the same force on the other end of the line!   2 plus 2 does equal 4!  
Appologies to the group and Stan for challenging the concept.  Whew, sure 
glad I had a heavy duty gin pole when I raised the 20'  half inch wall mast 
(200#)--had not considered that the load on the pole was really 400#.

Regards to all.

John, N0IJ

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