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[TowerTalk] MFJ 259B analyzer vs Autek?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] MFJ 259B analyzer vs Autek?
From: (Jiri Sanda)
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2001 00:14:38 +0200
Hello everyone !

I will come with my opinion.

I own AUTEK (over 5 years now, someone wants to buy it ?) + MFJ269 (about
1+1/2 year) + TESLA Laboratory ADMITTANCE bridge - precision device over
25Years old - having well over 30 Kgs. It was calibrated a few years ago
with modern professional Marconi bridge and was doing fine - let's take it
as a standard.

I have measured 2 pcs of Auteks, 3 pcs of MFJ259B, 2 pcs of MFJ269 against
the professional bridge on my antennas and R + L + C networks. I have never
had in my hands the 259.

Concerning accuracy the AUTEK and 259B is about the same , 269 is
considerably better. If you open the two mentioned MFJ units - it is visible
the detector is completely different.

Ease of use - AUTEK by HUGE far the worst. Tuning is very coarse or too
fine. Measurement of C + L is not very convenient to dummies with
engineering master degree like myself. It is hard to guess what to do with
the antenna from the result. What you get from MFJ is much easier to use in
the real life. The professional bridge is also fine provided you stay on the
ground and are ready to use your muscles + 220V power.

Concerning the interference from the band or other jamming signals - AUTEK
is the worst, MFJ 259B is better, 269 is again better than 259B. The
professional bridge is a bit better but not a big deal.

The AUTEK is so bad that on 20-10 in the afternoon (my) when you point the
ant towards USA it is impossible to measure at all. It is useless on 40m and
down most of the time - while the MFJs are still showing something. The main
difference is that on the analog meter of the MFJ you see - this frequency
is bad - lets move a few kHz, on AUTEK you after a second get some
measurement - God knows what ?!?

I would go for the 269. It is more expensive but you get much better device
for modest rise of $. We all do spend big $$$ on antennas + towers so let's
measure it precisely to get the punch out !

73 !



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