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Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2001 20:45:27 EDT
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> What is the rated lifting capacity of the Rohn Gin Pole?

    It's rated to handle 25G and 45G - that's it. Since a 45G section weighs 
70 pounds, it's rated at 140 pounds safe working load.

>  Another idea would be to use the Rohn Gin Pole to raise
>  and install (either inside the tower or strapped to the outside)
>  a long thick wall aluminum mast with an attached Block
>  and Tackle.  Then use this heavier duty mast to raise the
>  heavy steel mast.

    My suggested way to haul up heavy loads and masts is to have a second, 
more robust ginpole. The one I use is the WB0W version. The leg fixture is 
very heavy and stout and will even handle 55G which the Rohn will not. Then I 
use a 15-foot aluminum tube (2" 6061 and 1/4" wall) for the ginpole mast. 
It'll handle big masts and big loads that the Rohn can't. 
>  The BEST idea is to install the heavy mast when only
>  20 or 30 ft of tower is assembled, either by walking it up
>  or gin pole or gin pole on a separate R25 tower 10 ft higher,
>  strapped alongside the BIG tower going up.
>  The scariest thing I ever did on a tower was install a 20 ft
>  1/4 inch wall steel mast in a 130 ft tower using a Rohn
>  Gin pole with NO mechanical advantage.  Never again!

    You're right. Around here, we call that a high "pucker factor".

Cheers,    Steve    K7LXC
Tower Tech

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