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[TowerTalk] Ginpole for 20 foot sections

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Ginpole for 20 foot sections
From: (Mike Gilmer - N2MG)
Date: 14 Jun 2001 20:07:02 -0700
On Thu, 14 June 2001, wrote:

> ...and the argument proposed by some here that a 
> mechanical  advantage between the puller and a 
> standard single pulley on the gin pole provides a 
> load readuction for the gin pole is  

I don't recall reading anything in which the author advocated arranging the 
mechanical advantage between the worker and the ginpole.  

I don't see why anyone would *want* to set it up this way - the workers gets an 
advantage, but the ginpole does not.  Putting the mechanical advantage between 
the ginpole and the load is where it belongs - both the worker AND the ginpole 

73 Mike N2MG

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