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[TowerTalk] Removing Oil from a Motor

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Removing Oil from a Motor
From: (Bryan Fields)
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2001 23:07:53 -0500
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Just checked, Freon 113 is Trichlorotrifluoroethane not Trichloroethane!  

Just for fun one day I decided to play with some Freon 12 by inhaling it then 
talking.  Does just the opposite of inhaling Helium, as my voice went down 2 

Don't try this at home!!!!!! 

On Friday 15 June 2001 12:30, you wrote:
> Are you sure you guys aren't talking about "trichoroethylene"?  I use that
> stuff to degrease oscilloscope fan motors all the time when I rebuild them
> as part of the old scope restoration process.  It is not as volatile as the
> freons I have seen and you can still get it in jugs at a chemical supply
> house.  Many freons boil at atmospheric pressures and room temperatures. 
> Trichloroethylene does not, but it does evaporate rather quickly and you
> really need to keep the container capped.  You also need to use it in a
> well ventilated area.  I have never seen it in a spray can.  You have sign
> a paper saying you are aware of the dangers of using this chemincal when
> you buy it.
> We could be talking about different chemicals here.  I have never heard of
> "trichlorethane" but then there are lots of chemicals I have never heard of
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